St. Croix Native, Reemah Returns to STX for CD Release Party


Saturday May 4th
Reemah returns to STX for CD release  “Check your words”

After many years away St. Croix native returns to the stage. Reemah, born Juliette Vanterpool on the island of St. Croix, is undeniably one of the most gifted and anticipated new Reggae artists across the industry. Having always been passionate about music, over the past few years she has been growing and planting the seeds that will turn the conscious music dial up a notch and send reggae audiences into a frenzy.

As a performer, Reemah has been described as “a captivating artist with a striking command and stage presence”. Her messages are keen and her lyrics are absolutely brilliant. She is a gifted songwriter and has that rare tonal quality that separates the ‘Greats’ from the ‘Goods’. She is the total package. Reemah is well on her way to creating timeless works that will speak to the hearts of people across the earth.

Reemah’s brilliance was first captured on ther collaboration with Bambú Station on the hit song “Chance To Grow”. She then followed up with her own promotional EP “No Questions” that showcased the fiery self-titled tune “No Questions”, the eye-opener “Up Your Sleeve”, and the soul-stirring “Live in Love”. Now, her highly anticipated debut album “Check Your Words” was released on July 17, 2012 and has been blazing a conscious fiyah ever since.

Reemah’s select performances throughout the mainland and abroad including Washington, DC, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin lslands, the world famous Reggae on the River Festival in California, has created an ever-growing fanbase, new converts, and has clearly set her hometown and industry heads ablaze with anticipation.

All things Reemah can be found on her fan page.
Management: Kedroy Mitchell / 1.770.403.1743 /
Album Distribution: Feel Line Records / 1.770.403.1743 /

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