North Shore St. Croix …. a few of my favorite tings

My Favorite tings – top 8 awesome features of St. Croix’s Northshore

…Shady runs on green rolling hills, Cowboys & Kayaks and soft Ocean Swells…

Some people think just by being on St. Croix you are pretty much away from it all – high-rise buildings, traffic, throngs of people, even computers and other high tech devices. Well, when you arrive on the Northshore St. Croix, you become one more glorious step removed.

The over whelming feeling of aaaahhhhhh envelops like a hug from a best friend.

Serenity greets you as soon as you pull off Northside Road onto Northshore Road, (RT 73 onto RT 80 for all non-Crucians.) This 8-mile stretch of picturesque scenery is a favorite for picture taking, kayaking, diving, biking, running, horse back riding, bird watching….I could go on and on.

To me it is the best place on earth and here are my top 8 reasons why!
northshore st croix sea side
1. Shady runs with rolling hills and spectacular views of the ocean.
-My fave eat@canebay to Carambola guard gate and back. 3.8 miles, quick and easy!

2. It is generally 5-7 degrees cooler than Christiansted and East end.
-If you have a fancy car, check your gauges and tell me if I’m wrong!

3. Cowboy Steve and his sunset horseback ride and swim.
-I’m actually not a rider but I love watching the horses swim.

4. Kayaking in the bioluminescent bays in Salt River.
-Both Virgin Kayak and See Through Kayak tours offer amazing adventures!

5. The village is a tight knit community that hosts, promotes and protects our little piece of this island and each other.
-Big up to our LaVallee Massive crew!!!!

6. Snorkeling or swimming and routinely seeing turtles, rays and even scary barracuda.
-I don’t dive but luckily with our typical 50-70 feet visibility, I can see it all without being too close.

7. Really great bars, restaurants, watering holes & music venues to see the sun set, eat , dance & hang with friends all within a few miles
-gotta name names!!! Rowdy Joes, Off the Wall, Waves, Pirates Tavern, Carambola & Spratnet, & Above the Cliff.

8. Amazing hikes with rugged landscape, stunning vistas and historic ruins.
-My 2 faves are Annaly Bay from Carambola and Bodkins Mill from the top of The Beast.

If you want to learn more about loving and enjoying St. Croix’s Northshore, drop by eat @ cane bay, grab a bite to eat and a cool beverage and one of our friendly staff members will gladly fill you in on what adventure might be best for your particular time and day on St. Croix’s Northshore.
northshore st croix beach front

Katherine Pugliese owns eat @ cane bay with her husband, Frank. Both have spent decades on St. Croix’s Northshore and love sharing their love of the area and the island with visitors and locals alike. Read more at