Like many stories of how people come and go on St Croix, the story of Frank and Katherine is similar but so unique. A story of success, excitement, love for the island and the people who call it home.

Cane Bay at last……our history of how we got here

Combined over 45 years on St. Croix & 50 years in restaurants

1982 Frank, mom & sister move to STX
1983 Frank moves into his first apartment on STX @ 110c Cane Bay, currently now our store room and kitchen
1982-90 Frank worked at various restaurants……Frank’s, Serendipity Inn, King’s Alley
1990 Frank leaves (follows a girl) to Hawaii
1991 Kat moves to STX (originally for 6 months)
1991-93 Kat works at Tutto Bene & Villa Madeline
1993-94 Kat Goes to culinary school in Cambridge MA
1994 Frank moves back to STX, without girl
1995 F & K work together at Tutto Bene, love at first sight……not so much
1995 Dec 1st Kat pins Frank against the wall at Parrots Perch, 1st kiss
1997 November, our first baby…… Bacchus opens
1998 Bought our heavenly home on north shore STX
1999 November 14th got married, reception at Cane Bay Beach Bar, Umojah played
1999 November 16th wrong way Lenny, spent honeymoon in boarded up house with mom, sister & three kids……and new husband
2001 April 15th Kat & Kelly start first Taste of STX Kat very pregnant
2001 May 12th Dominic our son born on STX
2005 Started talking about owning restaurant close to home on north shore
2007 Sold Bacchus, 10 amazing great, wonderful, special, life changing years
2008 September, started new religion with friends Steve, Linda, Roger & Tamara based on being the happy, chosen, most I blessed ones……
2009 January 1st made up our mind this is it……. put it out there for the gods and all of our friends & supporters, we LOVE Cane Bay that’s where we want to be
2009 August got lease for beach bar, renovated a bit, inside & out……
2009 September 25th we opened eat @ Cane Bay

new vibes & happy people…………we love it
we are happy you are here

we would love to hear from you!

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