August 2012 b.o.t.m.: the beam me up Charlie burger

eat@canebay offers you the option to build your own (BYO) burger. However, we also acknowledge and support creative masterpieces and share them monthly. Each month, we feature one burger of the month (b.o.t.m.), created by Chef Frank Pugliese, one of the kitchen staff, or by one of our local patrons and guests. We make it the official by calling it the burger of the month (b.o.t.m.). And you can order it all month long.

August 2013 b.o.t.m.: the beam me up charlie burger

Jim Beam, green chili and jalapeno infused 1/2 pound burger topped with a lot of melted white cheddar cheese on a brioche bun with lettuce and tomato. Mmmm.

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