Andrew Zimmern at eat @ cane bay!

Somebody pinch me, Andrew Zimmern was in my restaurant!

eat at cane facebook post

I get star stuck kinda easy.

We see our fair share of celeb travelers here on St. Croix. It’s a great off-the-main-path place for people to feel relaxed on vacation while still having some luxuries too.

After stalking, I mean meeting AZ in NYC a few years ago in front of our posh hotel I immediately made a beeline to him and implored him to visit St. Croix. Fast forward to last week Andew Zimmern and the film crew from The Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods take a break from filming and stop by for a meal at my restaurant. I felt like I was on stage at my first piano recital. Don’t get me wrong, we served them just as we would any other customer. But the whole world was watching or should I say his 517,000 twitter followers were listening, retweeting and I was getting as giddy about him being in my dining room as they were.

So, when @AndrewZimmern tweets this:

eat at cane bay twitter post

I get all kinds of giddy.

Then, I realize that on his Instagram feed, he posts this:

eat at cane bay instagram post eat at cane bay instragram post

And, I promise to be quiet about his actual experience here in the restaurant except it was awesome and so is he! I would never want to scare off any other potential Celebrity Chefs with my overflowing of details. However, if it’s good enough for Andrew Zimmern to talk about publicly, then I guess I deserve a little bragging rights too.

Come in and have your own eat at canebay experience and we hope you too will tell everyone about your amazing meal and service too.

Peace Love and Fantastic Meals from Cane Bay, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. And remember, just like the bumper sticker says:

eat at cane bay instagram post